About us


About Us

We’re one of the world's leading providers of assessment and certification services - your trusted certification partner.

With over 25 years of experience around the world, and an unrivalled reputation built on exceptional customer service, we’ve guided thousands of small and large organisations through the certification process.

Experience counts – and our thousands of happy customers can’t be wrong.

We take the time to listen to what really matters to you and your business. We’re committed to understanding your business’ challenges and we strive to help you drive better business outcomes.

What makes us special

Our certification experts turn the assessment and certification process into an opportunity to improve your business and add value through better business outcomes.

We help your business transform and adapt to a fast-paced world. Using our 25 plus years of experience in assessment and standards, we help your business unlock its potential through certification.

Our experience runs deep across many industries and our assessors provide the kind of stable knowledge and expertise you need to make the most of the process.

We provide you with a balanced assessment and empower your business to succeed

Our assessors provide value-adding information in throughout the certification process, helping you to use the process to add value to your business.

Work with an internationally accredited business

QMS is internationally accredited by JAS-ANZ (Joint Accreditation System – Australia and New Zealand) – a member of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), the world’s peak body for certification and accreditation.

Adding value is at the core our business and our processes. Let us show you how assessment and certification can add value to your business.

At QMS, we're helping organisations succeed through continual improvement, assessment and certification

Trusted experts

Build and maintain your industry leadership with a trusted certification partner.

Add value

Successful certification adds value to your organisation and improves business outcomes.

Experience counts

With over 25 years experience, there’s nothing our team can’t assist with.

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Now more than ever, our digital documents are at risk. It's essential to become ISO 27001 certified and better protect your information.

Why QMS?

Expert certification partners you can trust.

Experience, quality, value.

Over 25 years of experience and an unrivalled reputation built on first-class service and competitive pricing.

Expert certification partners you can trust.

We simplify and streamline the certification process, guiding businesses to become leaders through continual improvement.

Unlock your full business potential

Our experts turn assessment into an opportunity to improve and secure business performance.